One week post-launch, Review Last Epoch 1.0.0 update continues to captivate players. While the core gameplay loop offers thrilling combat, engaging character progression, and satisfying loot systems, the community has also voiced diverse opinions. This comprehensive review delves into the game’s strengths and weaknesses, exploring both the praise for its solid foundation and the ongoing discussions regarding balance and technical aspects. By analyzing early impressions and player feedback, we aim to provide a balanced perspective on Last Epoch’s current state and its potential for the future.

Review Last Epoch

Review Last Epoch 1.0.0 After One Week

One week after its full release, Review Last Epoch 1.0.0 launch has ignited a mix of excitement and constructive feedback within the community. As players delve deeper into the updated content and endgame,  several key observations have emerged about the game’s strengths and areas where there’s still room for growth. Here’s a breakdown of the overall impressions:

  • Solid Fundamentals: The core gameplay elements, including smooth combat, expansive skill trees, and satisfying loot loops have been widely praised. These aspects lay a strong foundation for the game’s long-term appeal.
  • New Content Impact: The addition of new masteries, zones, and features has breathed fresh life into the game. Many players are enjoying experimenting with expanded build options and exploring new areas.
Review Last Epoch 1.0.0 After One Week
  • Lingering Technical Concerns: While significant improvements have been made, some players still report occasional crashes, bugs, or performance inconsistencies that require further optimization.
  • Balance Discussions: With the influx of players, conversations around skill and class balance have resurfaced. The developers are actively monitoring feedback and will likely address these concerns with future patches.

Overall, the week following 1.0.0 presents a positive outlook for Last Epoch. The game boasts a solid core experience, while community discussions drive ongoing refinement and polish.

Pros in Review Last Epoch 1.0.0

Last Epoch’s 1.0.0 launch has captivated players with its engaging gameplay and rewarding systems. Here’s what sets the game apart

Intense and Fluid Combat

At its core, Last Epoch delivers an exhilarating combat experience. The system seamlessly blends:

  • Visually striking animations and effects: Witness impactful spellcasting, satisfying weapon strikes, and dynamic enemy reactions.
  • Mechanically deep and versatile combat: Choose from a vast pool of skills, customize your playstyle with diverse skill trees, and experience responsive controls that allow for precise execution.
  • Variety in enemy types and behaviors: Face off against a diverse roster of foes, each with unique attack patterns and requiring strategic adaptation for victory.

This combination of visual flair, strategic depth, and enemy diversity keeps combat encounters engaging and thrilling throughout your Last Epoch journey.

Pros in Review Last Epoch 1.0.0

Deep Character Building: Forge Your Legend

Last Epoch empowers you to truly define your playstyle through its intricate character development system:

  • Extensive Skill Trees: Each of the diverse character classes boasts sprawling skill trees, offering a multitude of passive and active skills to unlock and master.
  • Unique Class Specializations: Ascended forms within each class present distinct playstyle options, allowing you to specialize in specific combat roles (e.g., Paladin as Oathkeeper or Forge Guard).
  • Meaningful Skill Synergies: Experiment with various skill combinations to discover powerful synergies and create a personalized build that unleashes your character’s full potential.

This depth and flexibility in character development keeps players engaged as they experiment, refine, and conquer challenges with their unique creations.

Gratifying Loot System: Every Encounter Matters

Last Epoch’s loot system keeps players motivated to explore, fight, and progress:

  • Meaningful Loot Drops: Enemies have a chance to drop valuable loot relevant to your character class and progression stage, ensuring a tangible reward for every encounter.
  • Intuitive Crafting Mechanics: The game offers a user-friendly crafting system, allowing you to modify and personalize your gear to further optimize your build and playstyle.
  • Consistent Character Power Progression: Steady access to upgrades through loot and crafting fuels a sense of continual improvement, keeping you invested in tackling new challenges and pushing your character forward.

This well-designed loot system creates a satisfying loop of exploration, reward, and character evolution, fostering continued engagement and enjoyment in Last Epoch.

Gratifying Loot System

Engaging Endgame Content: The Monolith of Fate Awaits

Beyond the main campaign, Review Last Epoch provides a vast and replayable endgame experience through the Monolith of Fate:

  • Procedurally Generated Challenges: Each playthrough within the Monolith features unique layouts, enemy configurations, and modifiers, ensuring no two runs are the same.
  • Scaling Difficulty and Rewards: As you delve deeper into the Monolith, the challenges progressively escalate, offering increasingly powerful loot and the thrill of pushing your character’s limits.
  • Unique Boss Encounters: Face off against formidable bosses with distinct mechanics and strategies, testing your combat mastery and offering satisfying conquests.

This engaging and ever-evolving endgame system provides a long-term playing field for players to hone their skills, explore diverse builds, and conquer increasingly challenging content in Last Epoch.

Cons in Review Last Epoch 1.0.0: Areas for Improvement

Last Epoch’s 1.0.0 launch, while praised for its core elements, has also received constructive Review Last Epoch from the community. One key area of focus is:

Balance Concerns: Seeking Harmony in Build Diversity

While offering a vast array of skills and customization options, Last Epoch faces ongoing discussions regarding balance:

  • Disparity in Skill Effectiveness: Certain skills within the same class or across different classes may feel underpowered compared to others, potentially limiting build variety and pushing players towards specific “meta” options.
  • Class Synergies and Uniqueness: Balancing potential synergies and unique strengths between different classes remains a challenge, ensuring each class retains a distinct identity and avoids homogenization.

The developers are actively monitoring feedback and may address these concerns through future updates and patches, aiming to create a more balanced and diverse playing field for all builds and playstyles.

Cons in Review Last Epoch 1.0.0

Technical Issues: Polishing the Experience

Despite significant performance improvements since launch, a few lingering technical concerns mar the experience for some players:

  • Occasional Crashes: While infrequent, unexpected crashes can disrupt gameplay immersion and require restarting progress.
  • Performance Fluctuations: On certain hardware configurations, players may encounter occasional drops in frame rate or stuttering, impacting the smoothness of gameplay.
  • Visual Glitches: Minor graphical glitches or visual inconsistencies may occur in specific scenarios.

The developers are committed to addressing these technical issues through ongoing optimization efforts and future updates.

Limited Content Scope: Yearning for More Adventures

While praised for its depth, Last Epoch’s current content scope, encompassing the campaign and endgame, has evoked discussions about potential limitations:

  • Campaign Length: Some players find the main campaign feels relatively brief, leaving them desiring additional story elements and world exploration.
  • Endgame Repetitiveness: After conquering the initial challenges of the Monolith, a sense of repetitiveness might emerge for certain players, prompting a wish for further endgame activities and variations.
  • Limited Zone Diversity: While diverse environments exist, some players seek a wider range of unique locations and biomes to explore within the world of Last Epoch.

Continued expansion and the introduction of new content in future updates are potential avenues for addressing this feedback and offering players an even richer and more diverse experience.

Limited Content Scope

Occasional Grinding: Refining the Path to Progression

While the core loop of combat, exploration, and character progression is generally satisfying, specific aspects can feel repetitive for some players:

  • Specific Resource Acquisition: Gathering specific crafting materials or resources needed for certain builds may involve repetitive actions or farming specific enemies.
  • Unbalanced Skill Progression: Uneven experience gain across different skills can lead to a feeling of slow progress, especially when aiming to unlock higher-tier skills or specializations.
  • Repetitive Endgame Activities: While the Monolith offers diverse challenges, completing specific objectives within it can feel repetitive after extended periods if alternative avenues for endgame progression are limited.

These areas present opportunities for potential optimization by the developers to streamline progression paths, balance skill experience gain, and potentially introduce new avenues for engaging with the endgame, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players.


Last Epoch 1.0.0 delivers a captivating ARPG experience with its engaging core gameplay, rewarding systems, and vast potential. While areas for improvement exist, the developer’s commitment to ongoing support and community feedback paints a promising picture for Last Epoch’s future. Whether you’re a seasoned ARPG veteran or a newcomer seeking an adventure, Last Epoch offers a compelling journey worth exploring.


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