Refund Policy

By accepting deposits and purchases on our website, the customer has also agreed to all of our Refund Policy legal terms down here. The refund policy at Goldenhorse is considered a way to help customers feel more secure to experience services at Goldenhorse gaming service. Note, only for first-time services, do not apply in bulk in the form of policy abuse for reimbursement.



– Refund requests must be submitted within 3 days of service payment and must have a clear reason. We only refund maximum up to 50% of the price of the service

– Goldenhorse does not refund services canceled due to service Policy violations, or errors not from us.

– Goldenhorse refunds only when a customer submits a refund request.

– The refund amount will be added to your account credit balance at Golden Horse Gaming Service. You can use this balance to register or renew other services.

– Refund time will be from less than two weeks depending on the customer’s bank or payment gateway when paying for the service.

– If after 3 days when the order is processed, you request a refund, Goldenhorse will deduct the amount corresponding to the time you were late to notify and refund the rest (10%/ day)

– In case of Service cancellation without clear reason, Goldenhorse will review, and if accepted, the refund will be up to 50% of the price of the service.

– Goldenhorse will not bear any costs incurred in the process of refunding customers

– The refund will affect the customer’s Loyalty points, The reduction of points (and level reduction) will be proactively implemented by goldenhorse without the customer’s consent because the order has been refunded. Read more about Customer Loyalty here



– Customers place the wrong order and contact goldenhorse immediately (within 30 minutes) with goldenhorse to change your decision or before the order getting start. In case that goldenhorse receives an order cancellation notice after the order has started, we will not refund 100%

– Orders of customers who have just been placed are no longer able to perform because the game developer have updated their games

– Order canceled due to decision of Goldenhorse



To ensure the balance of interests of both parties, we offer the following refund:

  • Refund to your account credit balance at our Website:

The refund period is about 2-3 days from the date Goldenhorse accepts the refund request depending on the nature of the order and the value of the order.

Upon refund, Goldenhorse will notify the customer account on our website:



Before submitting a refund request, the customer must make sure that there is sufficient evidence before and after the service is completed. Customers submit refund requests via email support [email protected]

In the content, the customer can write the reason if desired. Goldenhorse is looking forward to receiving feedback from customers, so if possible, let us know where we are not serving well to make the service more and more complete.

Then within 24 hours the support department will have a response and support you with a refund.

Hopefully, this policy at Goldenhorse will help customers be assured of experiencing our service.