Terms of Service

By accepting deposits and purchases on our website, the customer has also agreed to all of our Terms and Service legal terms down here.


I. Policies and Regulations on the use of services.

We reserve the right to stop the customer’s service or refuse to serve the customer in the future if it violates one of the following use regulations:

  • Use the service to commit violations of applicable international laws and regulations
  • Use the service to influence or destroy the property of others
  • Use loopholes in promotions for nefarious self-interest

In addition, customers will be required to have an account at GoldenHorseGaming when buying/using services. The creation of this account may be requested automatically by the system during the ordering of the service.


II. Goldenhorse Balance.

Goldenhorse balance is the customer’s account on the website https://goldenhorsegaming.com/. This balance has only one function, which is to pay for services and virtual goods (such as Poe helmets, Poe maps,…) on our website Customer Goldenhorse Balance can be Topup by paying via PayPal, we do support some other topup methods but you must contact our support team first, such as Skrill, Webmoney, Visa, Master Card, Bitcoin, Tether, Steam Wallet, Steam skins,…

We need customers to understand that service payments are all upfront payments. Customers will need to Topup their wallets on the Goldenhorse Website and then perform the accompanying functions such as customer level system, Discount code, make an order,… Customer topup can not be refunded.


III. Regulations on customer responsibility.

Customers at Goldenhorse always have the full rights and obligations of the service user. To ensure the best interests, customers also need to comply with some of the following regulations:

  • Golden Horse can only guarantee the interests of customers when We has received all necessary information related to service details.
  • Customers are responsible for securing their login information into the website system. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us if they detects unauthorized use of passwords.
  • Customers are responsible for the information sent to us.  However, the customer’s information will also be confidential by our Privacy policy regulations.
  • The customer is responsible for self-preservation and self-responsibility if the consequences of the damage occur due to the subjectivity or lax management of the customer.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct information of the person or organization registering the service, and to ensure that the relevant information sent to us is accurate such as account name, email, money transfer account, etc. when requested.
  • Customers have the right to use their game account during the order fulfillment process, however if that process interferes with or interrupts the order, goldenhorse will not be responsible.


IV. Goldenhorse’s Responsibility Rules.

As a service provider, Goldenhorse has the full rights and obligations the service provider:

  • Provide services with the required specifications on the service description on the website: https://goldenhorsegaming.com/.
  • It is responsible for supporting customers throughout the service period depending on the support policy according to the terms of use of each service.
  • Fully notify customers when there is a service maintenance schedule or service changes. In cases where major incidents occur suddenly that disrupt/affect the quality of service, Goldenhorse is responsible for providing the necessary and truthful information to customers when requested.
  • Comply with other commitments in this document and the following updated term.


V. Suspend service.

The customer’s service may be suspended without prior notice but will receive a notification email or other forms of direct notification once the service has been discontinued in the following cases:

  • The customer’s order information provided is wrong
  • The client game account does not satisfy the minimum requirement stated in the product description.
  • There is a dispute that occurs over the client’s gaming account

In case the customer is the active party that wants to stop the order. Goldenhorse will provide assistance as soon as possible, however, the order suspension period is only a maximum of 03 months from the date Goldenhorse stops orders. In the event of the expiration of the 3-month period but Goldenhorse still cannot continue the order for reasons such as: unable to communicate with customers to continue the order, the game distributor stopped providing the related service, the Game has been updated so that the service is no longer able to perform, … Goldenhorse reserves the right to cancel the service and not compensate the customer.


VI. Goldenhorse account

An account on the Goldenhorse service administration system is a customer account created at the start of the service subscription. This account will have the function of tracking orders, balance, transaction history, sending support requests, and using the specific functions of each service. All new accounts must be registered with valid and verifiable information. New registration accounts with false, duplicate information will be notified in advance of the deletion of the account. Don’t sign up for multiple accounts for one email.

You must provide accurate and timely confirmation information to us during the use of Customer services with Goldenhorse. We may submit confirmation of any changed information, and if confirmation cannot be received, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate Customer service. Customer information and account will be protected, read details at Privacy Policy


VII. Third-party SoftWare

Goldenhorse does not use or accept bot, cheat, and hack software of any kind, however, some software provided by third parties that can support and improve the quality of Goldenhorse’s services will be listed below for use:

–          Discord

–          VPN

–          Exitlag


VIII. Cancellation of service

The customer must submit a cancellation request by contacting Goldenhorse directly by email, or text message. Customers can cancel the service within 3 day from the start of the order. The costs paid to Goldenhorse will not be refunded except for force majeure cases or special reasons based on mutual agreement.

Goldenhorse has the right to unilaterally cancel the order in case the customer does not meet the necessary conditions to fulfill the order. Or before the order getting started, goldenhorse can cancel and refund 100% of the order value to the customer


IX. Payment

Goldenhorse supports online payment forms. You read more about PAYMENT METHOD here

We need customers to understand that the service payments are all prepaid payments to load into the wallet of the store at the golden horse website. For the website is slow to update the wallet for the store, contact Goldenhorse directly via Webchat, Facebook, and Discord for timely support.


X. Refund

Refund is the process of goldenhorse refunding part or all of the order value to the customer’s account to the customer’s account on the website.

We only accept refunds for customer service used on our website, For Topup cases Goldenhorse Balance will not be refunded. We accept refunds upon request within 3 days of providing the service. Refund requests are subject to and we do not offer 100% refunds for breach of service. Read more about Refund Policy


XI. Support

Customers who need to provide support requests via email system, or customers can send support issues via email: [email protected]

For example:
Subject: Customer name (customer name on goldenhorse account)_Problem
Email content:

Full name:
Order number (if you have problem with order):
Explain the problem you are not satisfied with

In cases, solving the problem can take time so we regret not being able to support customers faster. If the problems are resolved by the assigned team, the client does not have the right to request a resolution by a particular member, which will delay the resolution of the customer’s problems.


XII. Complaints

We always try to make the service better. Customers have the right to complain or comment on Goldenhorse’s services through [email protected] email address or system, live chat, discord, or Facebook. Customer complaints will be responded to within 24 hours.