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Yinlin, is the star of the show in this blog but before that let’s go through some information about Wuthering Waves, the long awaited MMORPG game developed by Kuro Games. The game was released on May 22. Wuthering Waves promise to stir up the Gacha gaming community with over 30 million Pre-Register. It has been almost 3 weeks since the release, there are mixed ideas in the community about the game. Somebody says the story is dreadfully boring. Initially, your protagonist appears out of nowhere and found by a pair of patrollers who help you through tutorials. From there the story revolves around the secret of their past. Somebody on the other hand saying that the action part of the game is what so dope about it. Every character you unlock has an element and weapon associated with them, as well as individual skills. The skills add strategy to how you build your party and when to change teammates. Wuthering Waves managed to put together a relatively complex combat system.

Wuthering Waves Launch Trailer Teases Main Story and Conflict - www.paletyayinlari.com.tr

Yinlin, the new character coming into the game

Wuthering Waves is a new game and we still have a lot to expect from it. Amid heated debate Kuro Games decided to make the next move and add a new character to the party and that is nobody other than YinLin, the main character of today’s blog. Yinlin came to the game on June 6, 2024. She didn’t appear in 1.0 but should have a significant role in the game’s next story arc. Like Rover, Yinlin is a skilled Patroller and powerful Natural Resonator who once served the Public Security Bureau. According to her official character description, “Yinlin is steady and reliable, yet harbors hidden depths of secrets. She excels at exploiting resources at her disposal to uncover lurking crimes. Beneath her aloof and flamboyant exterior, Yinlin possesses a heart of gold, reserved only for those she deems trustworthy.”

Wuthering Waves: Yinlin Banner New Release Date and Schedule

Yinlin’s limited-time banner

Yinlin’s banner should conclude on June 28, 2024, only three weeks after its start.

In addition to Yinlin, you can expect boosted drop rates for 4-star characters Aalto, Yuanwu, and Taoqi.

Don’t worry if you can’t save up enough Radiant Tides and Astrites to pull for her this time because Yinlin’s limited-time banner will return again. You will ultimately be able to get your hands on her anyway.

Yinlin’s kit

Active skills

  • Magnetic Roar

The puppet “Zapstring” deals Electro DMG to the target, and puts Yinlin into the Execution Mode.

  • Execution Mode

Basic Attack and Dodge Counter will trigger Electromagnetic Blast when hitting a target. Each stage of Basic Attack or Dodge Counter can only trigger Electromagnetic Blast, up to times.

  • Electromagnetic Blast

Attack all targets marked with Resonance Circuit Sinner’s Mark, dealing Electro DMG.

  • Lightning Execution

Use Resonance Skill after casting Resonance Skill Magnetic Roar to cast Lightning Execution to attack the target, dealing Electro DMG.

Passive skills

  • Chameleon Cipher

When Yinlin’s “Judgment Points” is full, her Heavy Attack is replaced with Chameleon Cipher, which consumes all “Judgment Points” to attack the target, dealing Electro DMG. When it hits a target marked with Sinner’s Mark, the Sinner’s Mark is replaced with Punishment Mark, lasting for 18 seconds.

  • Sinner’s Mark

Normal Attack Zapstring’s Dance, Resonance Liberation Thundering Wrath, and Intro Skill Roaring Storm will apply Sinner’s Mark on hit. Sinner’s Mark is removed when Yinlin exits.

  • Punishment Mark

When a target marked with Punishment Mark is damaged, Judgement Strike will fall, dealing Electro DMG to all targets marked with Punishment Mark. It can trigger up to once per second.

  • Judgment Points

Yinlin can hold up to 100 Judgement Points. When Normal Attack Zapstring Dance; Resonance Skill Magnetic Roar; Resonance Skill Electromagnetic Blast; Resonance Skill Lightning Execution; Resonance Liberation Thundering Wrath hits a target, it restores “Judgment Points”.

Concerto skills

  • Intro skill

Command puppet “Zapstring” to attack, dealing Electro DMG in a large range.

  • Outro skill

The next character (or other characters on a nearby team that activates an Outro Skill) gains 20% Electro DMG Deepen, and 25% Resonance Liberation DMG Deepen for 14 seconds or until player switch character.

Is Yinlin the main DPS or a Sub-DPS?

Yinlin, the best Sub-DPS

The reason why almost everyone states that she is the best Sub-DPS is mainly because of her signature weapon, Stringmaster. Basically Stringmaster has a feature that boosts Yinlin damage by 12% when she’s not on the battlefield and that is what makes her the best Sub-DPS up to this point. Additionally, Yinlin deals all-field damage, increases the electro damage of the main DPS, not to mention her crazy ultimate’s damage. Also talking about team building, Calchero and Yinlin is surely inseparable as Calchero is the only electro DPS in the game right now.

Secret to main DPS Yinlin

Indeed it is true that Yinlin does have support elements in her kit and she is the best Sub-DPS but it doesn’t mean that she can’t be the main DPS of the team. She can definitely become a damage creep if you want her to and the key element is no other than utilizing the Cosmic Ripples on Yinlin. For those who don’t know, Cosmic Ripples give holder bonus attack damage, stacking up to 5 times, on top of that it increases the holder’s energy regen and that feature is why exactly it will make Yinlin shine. At S6, Yinlin gets a 419.59% attack damage, that’s not it, take that number and multiply it by 4. If you’re wondering is that really a big number, yeah nothing compares actually. But the big problem is to get to that point you will have to spend around… a fortune at least.


Yinlin is already here with us and everyone is testing her power out right now. It is up to you whether you want to spend your hard-earned money on her or not but in our opinion Yinlin is indeed worth pulling. Yinlin’s value is going to last for a very long time before the meta shift, she give a lot of amazing buff along with the ability to be the main DPS so the versatility is there.

Last but not least, is Yinlin worth all the hype she gets? The word mommy is linked to Yinlin all over the internet at this point, yes she is definitely worth all the hype! Well, for all the wrong reason… Cosmic Ripples may help her not being just a mere Sub-DPS but it won’t be able to save her from your search history.

In the upcoming blog we are going to talk about how Yinlin is so broken as a Sub-DPS, her Build, Echoes, Weapons, Materials and more. Stay tuned!

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