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Inquisitor EOW SpellSlinger Gameplay Video:

Inquisitor EOW SpellSlinger Item Description:

⭐What do you receive?

  • You will receive all the gears and gems to be able to play this build from the second day from league start. You will no longer suffer from the painful and prolong storyline and buildup process. Just jump right into the new content.

⭐Why you should choose this build?

  • Top Build for Starter League verified by many pro player
  • Strong Mapping
  • Can do lot of map mods (except reflect elemental damage)

⭐How does it work?

  • The play style is simple, spam frenzy to trigger eye of winter
  • For bosses: use assasin mark to curse boss


  • Life: Over 5000+ at level 90
  • All elemental res 75%
  • Stats enough for wearing items and gems

⭐Bandit: + 2 passives point


  • Major god : Lunaris
  • Minor god : Shakari

POB Link:

Inquisitor EOW SpellSlinger
Inquisitor EOW SpellSlinger Item Build

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Nova Blast build

nice and fast work, the shop is the best :-)

Amazing build for me

Asked for a build that could do all content, got one :)

Exalted Orb
Kevin Tram
Great service!

Every league I keep buying and they never fail to dissapoint me

Great service as usual

A+++ service and communication

Exalted Orb
Lee Achenbach
Easy, Affordable, Friendly

Great service, almost instant delivery. Very responsive and helpful as well. 10/10 service

Premium Leveling Caster

Always really fast to respond and goes above and beyond to make sure what I’m getting, fits my needs.

Dota2 MMR Boosting Service

Good booster, behaviour score

Great service!

Always a pleasure doing business with this team!

Dota 2 boosting feed back

fast and friendly booster
he stream for me , let me watch him play huska then he taught me some tricks really helpful . Thank GH

Hard league but lucky i got this dude again

10/10 lvling skill

Exalted Orb
best service

this dude is good and friendly

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